Intuitive Silk


Intuitively-Dyed Crinkle Silks

  • Standard Crinkle Silk: 35×72″
  • XL Crinkle Silk: 45×90″
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Our Crinkle Silk scarves are 100% habotai silk with a soft, lustrous feel and a shimmery sheen. They are a very light silk, which makes them wonderful to wear regardless of temperature. The standard size is approximately 35×72″ and the XL is approximately 45×90″ (when pulled flat. They are 5mm weight and have a raw edge that goes with the shabby chic feel of this scarf. Though we do our best to trim any fine threads from the edge, if we miss one, you can gently trim it.

These are intuitively created – if you have input for that, you’re welcome to let us know either before or immediately after ordering. Essentially we create these by allowing intuition to lead with the colors and then the silk comes with an intuitive download (think of it like a silk reading of sorts). So you receive your Crinkle Silk and a letter that comes with it, which we hope you find encouraging (colorful encouragement!)

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