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Dappled Sunlight

Dappled Sunlight is the name of this Inspired Flow Art piece. The colors in it are:

  • Tangerine representing joy
  • Wine representing fruitful 
  • Brown representing grounded

With your face tilted towards the sky, allow the joyous life in the world around you to feed your heart. The warmth of the sun, the whisper of the breeze, the springy feel of grass under bare feet – so much life around you, all expressing themselves to their fullest without hesitation or artifice. 

Draw from those unhindered expressions of abundant life, and reflect it in your own. Allow the warm glow of your joyous, self-assured countenance to touch all those you meet. Be you. Unashamedly and unreservedly. Because you is a wonderful thing. 

We hope the art and the colorful encouragement speak to you. Enjoy life and stay in the flow!

NOTE: View/download the printable PDF version of this word of Colorful Encouragement

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