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Peace and Mercy

Peace and Mercy is the name of this Inspired Flow Art piece. The colors in it are:

  • Mulberry representing love, heartfelt feeling
  • Dark red representing sacrificial love
  • Soft gold representing mercy
  • Light gray representing humility¬†
  • Mahogany brown representing strength through humility¬†
  • Gold shimmer representing beautiful character

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Dusk Scarf and other Goodies

A die-hard Inspired Flow Art fan (as my mom though I suppose she’s a bit obliged to be LOL!) showing off her beautiful Dusk scarf from Vida a new addition to her Inspired Flow Art collection and her Murky Waters pendant. ūüôā Also the promo and overview videos of the scarf are below. Continue reading Dusk Scarf and other Goodies

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Light Birthing Pendants

Mary has the Light Birthing pendant in both acrylic and alcohol ink (Recreating explains why we remade our acrylics in alcohol ink). She loves them both and bought several to share with others. She shared this comment when she received her alcohol ink Light Birthing pendant:  Continue reading Light Birthing Pendants