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Creating Cranberry Canvas (Working Title)

This was fun in part because it was the largest alcohol ink I’ve created, but also because it was the first time I’d done alcohol ink on canvas. This was a 16×20 pre-stretched canvas. I have a spot in my living room I was eyeballing for some new art and wanted to put an alcohol ink Inspired Flow Art piece on display. I figured rather than create one and have it reprinted to size, I might as well make use of one of the canvases I had on hand from my adventures with acrylic paint. 🙂 Continue reading Creating Cranberry Canvas (Working Title)

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Canvas, Magnets, Pendants, & Cards

So fun to see the different pieces come together in different products! Here we see a Golden Majesty pendant in use, Seaside Sunshine‘s original canvas on display, Promise notecard on display, and Promise and Bloom magnets on display. 🙂 Continue reading Canvas, Magnets, Pendants, & Cards

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Working with Epoxy Resin

I am happy to report I am getting better at working with epoxy resin! Much improved since Learning the Hard Way. I had a couple issues along the top edge and one air bubble but on the whole it is looking beautiful! It really makes Seaside Sunshine‘s colors pop and gives it a stunning high gloss finish. Continue reading Working with Epoxy Resin

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She Can Be Taught

After several more lackluster attempts and many more videos and pictures, I tried another pair of canvases and got results I am pretty happy with. The first canvas I WISH I had stopped tinkering earlier, but still didn’t mind the results. The main lesson learned is resist the urge to mess with it. It’s fluid and you need to let it do its thing. Continue reading She Can Be Taught

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Canvas: Panel vs. Stretched

I’ve always been one who learns as I go. I tend to be an experimental artist, preferring to tinker until I find my sweet spot.

So you can learn from my experiences and in case you were wondering about canvas panels vs stretched canvas, this is the visual answer. The panels warp. Even matboard fared better when I dried it on a flat surface or put it under something heavy when it was almost dry.

So if you’re like me and your enquiring mind wanted to know… now you know 🙂