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Creating Cranberry Canvas (Working Title)

This was fun in part because it was the largest alcohol ink I’ve created, but also because it was the first time I’d done alcohol ink on canvas. This was a 16×20 pre-stretched canvas. I have a spot in my living room I was eyeballing for some new art and wanted to put an alcohol ink Inspired Flow Art piece on display. I figured rather than create one and have it reprinted to size, I might as well make use of one of the canvases I had on hand from my adventures with acrylic paint. 🙂

I was pleased with the results. The inks moved a bit differently, but not so much I couldn’t adjust on the fly. I think the colors will work well with the intended location. A picture will be forthcoming, but first I’ll finally have to venture into Kamar-varnish-land – something I’ve been avoiding because of my issues with scents and chemicals. Here’s hoping that goes well! More on that later 😉

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