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  • Dreamscape (Working Title)

    Dreamscape (Working Title)

    It’s been a while since I shared a work in progress (WIP), so I made sure to document tonight’s creation process so I could give you a peek! This was my first time using Ranger Inks (I typically use Jacquard’s Piñata Inks), and I liked them. They feel (and break) a bit different, which makes […]

  • Creating Cranberry Canvas (Working Title)

    Creating Cranberry Canvas (Working Title)

    This was fun in part because it was the largest alcohol ink I’ve created, but also because it was the first time I’d done alcohol ink on canvas. This was a 16×20 pre-stretched canvas. I have a spot in my living room I was eyeballing for some new art and wanted to put an alcohol […]

  • Recreating


    With our decisions to focus on alcohol inks, I decided to remake several of the pieces in our gallery that were acrylic in alcohol ink. So fun to see how they feel different and yet sometimes similar.

  • Notecards


    So excited to be creating these beautiful little goodies! Another great way to share one of our art pieces. Blank inside with our Inspired Flow Art on the front and mirrored on the back with our logo, website, and the name of the piece (so people can look up the word of Colorful Encouragement in […]

  • Creating Acrylic Skin for Light Birthing

    Creating Acrylic Skin for Light Birthing

    A new piece by request called Light Birthing. This is the first one where I am creating the original piece as an acrylic skin to use for pendants and whatnot after it’s photographed for printing. In general I liked the way it worked, still getting a feel for it. Was happy to see cells in […]

  • Working with Epoxy Resin

    Working with Epoxy Resin

    I am happy to report I am getting better at working with epoxy resin! Much improved since Learning the Hard Way. I had a couple issues along the top edge and one air bubble but on the whole it is looking beautiful! It really makes Seaside Sunshine‘s colors pop and gives it a stunning high gloss finish.

  • Rainbows and Fire

    Rainbows and Fire

    Had lots of fun today playing with rainbows and FIRE!!! Woohoo! I had flashbacks to boarding school when we would light our facial toner on fire on the dormitory floors (it’s a miracle we didn’t burn the place down).

  • Seaside Sunshine Pendant

    Seaside Sunshine Pendant

    So fun to see this Seaside Sunshine pendant in action, and it looks beautiful! I was concerned about this one because it had less contrast than some of the others, but it looks gorgeous. A great reminder that there is a purpose and a home for each piece. Their uniqueness is what makes them special!

  • Trying New Things

    Trying New Things

    After purchasing (and loving) an epoxy resin round created with alcohol inks, I wanted to try some for myself. Suited up with my mask to protect my lungs, I did my first attempt. The resin release spray added texture and I didn’t get all the bubbles out unfortunately (and now I know why that’s such […]

  • Dragon Slayer on Display

    Dragon Slayer on Display

    My first acrylic on display is Dragon Slayer! A personal favorite with some lovely Colorful Encouragement 😉