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  • Life from Stone Coasters

    Life from Stone Coasters

    Some custom Life from Stone glass coasters given as a gift with a beautifully appreciative response. 🙂

  • Giver of Love Pendant

    Giver of Love Pendant

    A Giver of Love pendant (available on Etsy) given as a gift – and the recipient was so touched! 

  • Pillars of Life Keychain and a Challenging Question

    Pillars of Life Keychain and a Challenging Question

    This Pillars of Life keychain (available on Etsy) was given as a gift. Below is the facebook post the recipient shared after receiving it.

  • Gifted Dragon Slayer Pendant

    Gifted Dragon Slayer Pendant

    We know our Inspired Flow Art pendants and keychains make amazing and encouraging gifts, but it’s always fun to hear the details when they are received. Naudia shares her story about giving away one of our Dragon Slayer pendants.

  • Dusk Scarf and other Goodies

    Dusk Scarf and other Goodies

    A die-hard Inspired Flow Art fan (as my mom though I suppose she’s a bit obliged to be LOL!) showing off her beautiful Dusk scarf from Vida a new addition to her Inspired Flow Art collection and her Murky Waters pendant. 🙂 Also the promo and overview videos of the scarf are below.

  • Bead-Drop Pendant

    Bead-Drop Pendant

    This sweet birthday girl got a bead-drop Noble pendant as a gift and she loved it!

  • Explosive Passion Pendant with Beaded Drop

    Explosive Passion Pendant with Beaded Drop

    This recipient got her unique Explosive Passion pendant with a beaded drop as a gift. When she read the Colorful Encouragement that came with it she cried because it was such confirmation and encouragement. She absolutely adored it – the letter, the pendant, and most importantly the tangible reminder it represented. Such a fun gift!  (Our regular […]

  • Notecards


    So excited to be creating these beautiful little goodies! Another great way to share one of our art pieces. Blank inside with our Inspired Flow Art on the front and mirrored on the back with our logo, website, and the name of the piece (so people can look up the word of Colorful Encouragement in […]

  • Dusk Pendant

    Dusk Pendant

    This Dusk pendant was a gift and the recipient loved it so much she turned right around and bought one as a gift for someone else (First Piece Sold!). She shared her feedback with us: