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Dusk is the name of this Inspired Flow Art piece. The colors in it are:

  • Slate representing endurance
  • Black representing strength
  • Sky blue representing new day
  • Smoky blue representing coming clarity
  • Dusky wine representing glimmer of the dawn

It’s okay to be whole, and it’s okay to want to be whole. Often the process of healing, whether it be emotionally or physically, can be long and laborious. You want it so badly, but the end feels like it will never come. You can even begin to doubt if you’re worthy of being whole. But the answer to that unspoken question is yes. Yes, you are worthy. Yes, you are worth the struggle and effort. Yes, you are worth the time. And yes, you are worthy of being given the time and space to heal.

At the same time, being in progress doesn’t somehow make you “less than” or unimportant. When you are in the midst of the process, it can be difficult to imagine the finished results (or believe they are worth the effort to achieve them). If you consider an artist or a chef (anyone who creates), it is the wrong time to judge their end results when they are still preparing to begin or are still in progress. It is difficult to determine the value or beauty of the finished product from the raw materials. The materials represent great potential. Just as you have much untapped potential waiting to come forth. Be patient. Resist the urge to doubt the process. Press on and be whole. Anticipate it and embrace it!

Sensing the name of this piece, dusk, is in reference to the same way in that very dim light all the colors seem muted and it’s hard to differentiate them from one another, in this process you’re in you are also having difficulty seeing your way through. But be encouraged because morning always comes! And with the light comes clarity of vision. So though it may be dim now, be prepared to embrace the dawn.

Seeing a river bed or area along the beach where there are small streams running into the ocean. Everything is flowing slowly – it’s not stationary, it is slow moving. In the same way, you may feel stuck, but you are in the healing flow. Sometimes things just take longer. You are a work in progress, but you are in fact in progress. You are moving forward and becoming the person you were intended.

So while there may be times things feel murky – it may seem so dark that you can’t see the way, rest assured dawn is coming. Expect new levels of joy and creativity – of purpose and destiny. Rest in the slow waters and dim light and allow the process to continue. When the dawn comes and the waters pour like a rushing river, you will be revived, whole, and ready for the new day and a new adventure.

We hope the art and the colorful encouragement speak to you. Enjoy life and stay in the flow!

NOTE: View/download the printable PDF version of this word of Colorful Encouragement

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5 thoughts on “Dusk

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  2. I am so in love with my new necklace called “Dusk”. I’ve gotten several compliments on it. My “heart” mom told me as soon as she saw me wearing my new necklace, “My necklace has found its home and its over my heart”. The word was so perfect for me! I love its iridescent look as well. I can’t wait to see the one I ordered for my “heart” mom.

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  5. […] today I have 2 things. First, I’m sharing a wrap from our Inspired Flow Art Vida store in the Dusk design (FYI we’ve added printable versions of our letters on our website). FYI We now have an […]

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