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First Piece Sold!

For a variety of reasons I’d decided recently that as much as I enjoy making the canvases, I would focus my attentions on the smaller pieces like the greeting cards and jewelry (and whatever else I dream up). As such, it made it especially exciting when just a couple days later I had someone purchase one of the Inspired Flow Art necklaces as a gift. 🙂

I’ve only completed two of the necklaces so far, both of which I had gifted (see the other one at Emerging from the Darkness necklace) to friends through Dyed4you. They both loved them and one (the one who received this necklace named Dusk) turned around and got one for a friend.

So yay! Lovely encouragement. Each necklace comes with the letter of Colorful Encouragement and packaged in a pretty organza bag. So fun to see how things develop!

2 thoughts on “First Piece Sold!

  1. I am so in love with my new necklace called “Dusk”. I’ve gotten several compliments on it. My “heart” mom told me as soon as she saw me wearing my new necklace, “My necklace has found its home and its over my heart”. The word was so perfect for me! I love its iridescent look as well. I can’t wait to see the one I ordered for my “heart” mom.

  2. […] the recipient loved it so much she turned right around and bought one as a gift for someone else (First Piece Sold!). She shared her feedback with […]

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