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  • Light Birthing Pendants

    Light Birthing Pendants

    Mary has the Light Birthing pendant in both acrylic and alcohol ink (Recreating explains why we remade our acrylics in alcohol ink). She loves them both and bought several to share with others. She shared this comment when she received her alcohol ink Light Birthing pendant: 

  • Recreating


    With our decisions to focus on alcohol inks, I decided to remake several of the pieces in our gallery that were acrylic in alcohol ink. So fun to see how they feel different and yet sometimes similar.

  • Refocusing: Adding Silk, Removing Acrylic

    Refocusing: Adding Silk, Removing Acrylic

    Colors, colors, colors! I realized that each Colorful Encouragement could be created in multiple mediums. So Explosive Passion, which was originally an acrylic skin (if you don’t know what that is see my little video below), was remade as an alcohol ink and is stunning (if I do say so myself)!

  • Canvas, Magnets, Pendants, & Cards

    Canvas, Magnets, Pendants, & Cards

    So fun to see the different pieces come together in different products! Here we see a Golden Majesty pendant in use, Seaside Sunshine‘s original canvas on display, Promise notecard on display, and Promise and Bloom magnets on display. 🙂

  • Creating Acrylic Skin for Light Birthing

    Creating Acrylic Skin for Light Birthing

    A new piece by request called Light Birthing. This is the first one where I am creating the original piece as an acrylic skin to use for pendants and whatnot after it’s photographed for printing. In general I liked the way it worked, still getting a feel for it. Was happy to see cells in […]

  • Working with Epoxy Resin

    Working with Epoxy Resin

    I am happy to report I am getting better at working with epoxy resin! Much improved since Learning the Hard Way. I had a couple issues along the top edge and one air bubble but on the whole it is looking beautiful! It really makes Seaside Sunshine‘s colors pop and gives it a stunning high gloss finish.

  • Joyous Sunshine Pendant

    Joyous Sunshine Pendant

    This sweet piece of Colorful Encouragement is called Joyous Sunshine. It’s a short but sweet word of encouragement, and had special meaning for the recipient. And it was another pendant that turned out to be a perfect match for her Dyed4you silk 🙂

  • Seaside Sunshine Pendant

    Seaside Sunshine Pendant

    So fun to see this Seaside Sunshine pendant in action, and it looks beautiful! I was concerned about this one because it had less contrast than some of the others, but it looks gorgeous. A great reminder that there is a purpose and a home for each piece. Their uniqueness is what makes them special!

  • Pendants Galore

    Pendants Galore

    Been busy crafting pendants and getting the hang of the process. Can I just say I LOVE these little beauties?! The magnification of the cabochon really highlights the shimmer and makes them extra lovely. 

  • First Piece Sold!

    First Piece Sold!

    For a variety of reasons I’d decided recently that as much as I enjoy making the canvases, I would focus my attentions on the smaller pieces like the greeting cards and jewelry (and whatever else I dream up). As such, it made it especially exciting when just a couple days later I had someone purchase […]