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Refocusing: Adding Silk, Removing Acrylic

Colors, colors, colors! I realized that each Colorful Encouragement could be created in multiple mediums. So Explosive Passion, which was originally an acrylic skin (if you don’t know what that is see my little video below), was remade as an alcohol ink and is stunning (if I do say so myself)!

What this means is, as much as I have been enjoying tinkering with a variety of mediums, I knew from the beginning that certain ones would highlight themselves as I played – that I would know where to focus my time and efforts. I’ve learned acrylic is not it. I have too many issues with the paints and chemicals involved. So I am passing along my supplies to a dear artist friend so she can enjoy all the goodies, and I plan to remake some of the ones I released already in alcohol inks that can be remade into notecards and pendants.

I realized that while I was swapping out mediums, I could bring my love of silk into Inspired Flow Art by beginning to dye some of the designs in silk. So I am happy to say we will now offer some scarves and gift sets too. Examples of a gift set and an infinity scarf are below in the Golden Majesty style.

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