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  • Refocusing: Adding Silk, Removing Acrylic

    Refocusing: Adding Silk, Removing Acrylic

    Colors, colors, colors! I realized that each Colorful Encouragement could be created in multiple mediums. So Explosive Passion, which was originally an acrylic skin (if you don’t know what that is see my little video below), was remade as an alcohol ink and is stunning (if I do say so myself)!

  • Canvas, Magnets, Pendants, & Cards

    Canvas, Magnets, Pendants, & Cards

    So fun to see the different pieces come together in different products! Here we see a Golden Majesty pendant in use, Seaside Sunshine‘s original canvas on display, Promise notecard on display, and Promise and Bloom magnets on display. 🙂

  • Notecards


    So excited to be creating these beautiful little goodies! Another great way to share one of our art pieces. Blank inside with our Inspired Flow Art on the front and mirrored on the back with our logo, website, and the name of the piece (so people can look up the word of Colorful Encouragement in […]