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Playing with Fire and Water

As much as I love playing with the alcohol inks, the photography and digital imaging is just as much of the process. In the header, you can see how different the colors look based on the angle of the light. A lesson I learned very quickly was that the photo and post processing were just as important as the original art piece. Continue reading Playing with Fire and Water

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Refocusing: Adding Silk, Removing Acrylic

Colors, colors, colors! I realized that each Colorful Encouragement could be created in multiple mediums. So Explosive Passion, which was originally an acrylic skin (if you don’t know what that is see my little video below), was remade as an alcohol ink and is stunning (if I do say so myself)! Continue reading Refocusing: Adding Silk, Removing Acrylic

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She Can Be Taught

After several more lackluster attempts and many more videos and pictures, I tried another pair of canvases and got results I am pretty happy with. The first canvas I WISH I had stopped tinkering earlier, but still didn’t mind the results. The main lesson learned is resist the urge to mess with it. It’s fluid and you need to let it do its thing. Continue reading She Can Be Taught

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Learning the Hard Way

Regrettably I tend to learn best by experience. Though I love to learn from other’s I often try things to see why they don’t work (especially when doing them makes life easier).

Today’s lesson learned is why you should cover your canvas while the epoxy resin is drying. No matter how still your environment is, there’s likely something floating in the air. And Murphy’s Law mandates it’ll likely find your wet epoxy and harden in – LOL!

Note to self: cover when drying

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Canvas: Panel vs. Stretched

I’ve always been one who learns as I go. I tend to be an experimental artist, preferring to tinker until I find my sweet spot.

So you can learn from my experiences and in case you were wondering about canvas panels vs stretched canvas, this is the visual answer. The panels warp. Even matboard fared better when I dried it on a flat surface or put it under something heavy when it was almost dry.

So if you’re like me and your enquiring mind wanted to know… now you know 🙂