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  • Trying New Things

    Trying New Things

    After purchasing (and loving) an epoxy resin round created with alcohol inks, I wanted to try some for myself. Suited up with my mask to protect my lungs, I did my first attempt. The resin release spray added texture and I didn’t get all the bubbles out unfortunately (and now I know why that’s such […]

  • Boiling Paint

    Boiling Paint

    Things not to do: boil your paint 😆

  • Learning the Hard Way

    Learning the Hard Way

    Regrettably I tend to learn best by experience. Though I love to learn from other’s I often try things to see why they don’t work (especially when doing them makes life easier). Today’s lesson learned is why you should cover your canvas while the epoxy resin is drying. No matter how still your environment is, […]