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  • Dusk Scarf and other Goodies

    Dusk Scarf and other Goodies

    A die-hard Inspired Flow Art fan (as my mom though I suppose she’s a bit obliged to be LOL!) showing off her beautiful Dusk scarf from Vida a new addition to her Inspired Flow Art collection and her Murky Waters pendant. ­čÖé Also the promo and overview videos of the scarf are below.

  • Ink Obsession

    Ink Obsession

    I L­čśŹVE watching the inks move and respond. This quick video allows you to see the subtle movement of the shimmer ink and then how the single drop of color/alcohol blend effects it. I could watch them all day LOL ­čÖé

  • Playing with Fire and Water

    Playing with Fire and Water

    As much as I love playing with the alcohol inks, the photography and digital imaging is just as much of the process. In the header, you can see how different the colors look based on the angle of the light. A lesson I learned very quickly was that the photo and post processing were just […]

  • Hidden Treasure Tote from our Vida Store

    Hidden Treasure Tote from our Vida Store

    I was so excited to receive my┬áHidden Treasure┬átote from our Vida store! The craftsmanship is wonderful, the art came out beautifully on it, and it’s a wonderful, versatile size. The inside is soft, so I was able to put silk in it easily without anything snagging (even on the seams). The straps are sturdy, and […]

  • Explosive Passion

    Explosive Passion

    Explosive Passion is the name of this Inspired Flow Art piece. The colors in it are: Black representing steadfast Silver representing refined Fuchsia representing passion White representing made new

  • Working with Epoxy Resin

    Working with Epoxy Resin

    I am happy to report I am getting better at working with epoxy resin! Much improved since┬áLearning the Hard Way. I had a couple issues along the top edge and one air bubble but on the whole it is looking beautiful! It really makes┬áSeaside Sunshine‘s colors pop and gives it a stunning high gloss finish.

  • Boiling Paint

    Boiling Paint

    Things not to do: boil your paint ­čść