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She Can Be Taught

After several more lackluster attempts and many more videos and pictures, I tried another pair of canvases and got results I am pretty happy with. The first canvas I WISH I had stopped tinkering earlier, but still didn’t mind the results. The main lesson learned is resist the urge to mess with it. It’s fluid and you need to let it do its thing.

This is all about releasing control (a lesson I thought I’d learned already). If I think of it like herding cats, I’m ok with gently encouraging it to go where I want through the set up, but in the end I need to let it do what it does and be what it is.

Here’s the two pieces finished but not dry (so they may still develop, we shall have to see!)

Here’s fun shots of the mess and details (including some intentional spills on the plastic for future jewelry!)

[These beauties were eventually named Emerging from the Darkness]


1 thought on “She Can Be Taught

  1. I love the flowing colors, and I especially love the element of knowing when to let go.

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