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Pools of Rest

Pools of Rest is the name of this Inspired Flow Art piece. The colors in it are:

  • Sapphire representing deep soaking
  • Blue representing refreshing
  • Lavender representing peace, rest

Pause and allow your inner self to wander to a pleasant valley with refreshing pools of clear blue await. The sunshine warms your face as the whispering breeze carries the scent of lavender and water lilies. Allow this virtual oasis to seep into your heart and mind bringing peace and calm and rest. For rest is vital to your well being. 

Be intentional in carving out time for moments of true peace and quiet. Feed your soul. Nurture your heart and your dreams. Allow the moments of quiet to build your inner strength so that the chaos of the world cannot easily shatter it. Find peace and hold onto it with both hands, refusing to relinquish it when trouble seems to come. Allow that peace to bring calm rather than allowing outside chaos to breed inner turmoil. Find rest and refuse to let go.

We hope the art and the colorful encouragement speak to you. Enjoy life and stay in the flow!

NOTE: View/download the printable PDF version of this word of Colorful Encouragement