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Treasured Depth

Treasured Depth is the name of this Inspired Flow Art piece. The colors in it are:

  • Warm brown representing a feeling of belonging and connection, a sense of home in your presence.
  • Gray representing timelessness 
  • Brown representing personal sacrifice for others to find victory
  • Black representing dark seasons endured and still standing
  • Gold representing treasured abilities
  • Light gray representing gift of grace
  • Gold shimmer representing treasure, value/valued abilities 

You are like sedimentary rock. Sometimes you may feel ordinary but you are truly special and unique. You have intricate layers that reveal deep truths and show the value of all that you are. These layers come from many seasons of life that have brought invaluable experiences, knowledge and wisdom. You have many skills, talents and abilities to offer to the world. Be confident in who you are, in what you have and what you can do. You are not ordinary. You are precious and beyond value.

When others are in your presence, they feel “home”. Your layers of life experience, talents, traumas, and triumphs give others a firm foundation to lean into. This trait makes you a treasure to your loved ones.

We hope the art and the colorful encouragement speak to you. Enjoy life and stay in the flow!

NOTE: View/download the printable PDF version of this word of Colorful Encouragement

3 thoughts on “Treasured Depth

  1. (sigh) This piece feels like a warm hug! ❤️

  2. Sitting here wrapped in my Treasured Depth scarf almost a year later 🖤 Reminding myself of the words imbued in this piece and what they mean to me, still confirming His heart for me almost a year later 🖤 This piece understands the bedrock of my heart and foundation of my prayers. I am so thankful for this physical confirmation more than you know!!

    1. Awwwwww! Thank you for your words of encouragement. I’m beyond blessed to know that it’s still speaking to you, and I can hardly believe it’s already been almost a year! Man time sure flies. Sending big hugs your way with much much love 🙂

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