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Inherent Glory

Inherent Glory is the name of this Inspired Flow Art piece. The colors in it are:

  • Snow representing purity
  • Light turquoise representing water of life
  • Blue representing cultivation
  • Purple representing persistence
  • Green representing abundant life
  • Periwinkle representing irrepressibility

It’s twilight as you walk through the trees of a beautiful woodland garden. These trees are the fruit of your time, efforts, mistakes, and successes. They reveal what you have learned and the growth you have gained while pursuing your dreams.

Now it is time for the old day to slip away. Time for the new day to arrive. Time to awaken a new dream. Time to let past successes, and past regrets be laid to rest. A time of letting go and a time for moving forward. A time to be unhindered from past mistakes, from past shame, from past negativity. A time to move forward into fresh insight, new vision, new ways of thinking and moving and being. A time of new fruit. A time of prosperity in positive mindsets and positive action. A time of maturity. This time is a marker of where you have been and where you are going. This path is one you choose to pursue.

Do not hesitate to release where you have been. You carry the skills, the abilities, the wisdom and maturity; the good fruit from the past. Now is the time to move forward into the future, planting new trees, seeing new fruit and watching it grow into great beautiful forests for others to learn and partake of.

From the darkness – under the dirt and the pressure, life begins to stir. Pressing against that which would hold it back, the new life insists upon a place for itself. It fights for its right to flourish. Pressing up and out, making room so it can bloom. Nothing can hold it back. Nothing can restrain its inherent glory.

In the same way, refuse to allow anything to hold you back and keep you from being all you can be. Do more than simply give yourself permission to be you, insist upon it. Refuse to be cowed into being lesser. Refuse to be intimidated by fears of man or their rejection. Be you. Unapologetically.

Feel like you’ve been burned or discarded? Allow new life to flourish. Feel like you’ve been overlooked? Blossom brilliantly anyway. Wild flowers don’t search the valley to see if anyone is there to note their beauty, they simply spread wide their petals and smile at the sun. Not letting anyone’s notice or lack thereof define who they are.

So again, be you. Allow your inherent glory to radiate forth regardless of who takes note. Be uniquely you because your inherent glory is breathtakingly fabulous.

We hope the art and the colorful encouragement speak to you. Enjoy life and stay in the flow!

NOTE: View/download the printable PDF version of this word of Colorful Encouragement

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