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Canvas, Magnets, Pendants, & Cards

So fun to see the different pieces come together in different products! Here we see a Golden Majesty pendant in use, Seaside Sunshine‘s original canvas on display, Promise notecard on display, and Promise and Bloom magnets on display. 🙂 Continue reading Canvas, Magnets, Pendants, & Cards

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Seaside Sunshine Pendant

So fun to see this Seaside Sunshine pendant in action, and it looks beautiful! I was concerned about this one because it had less contrast than some of the others, but it looks gorgeous. A great reminder that there is a purpose and a home for each piece. Their uniqueness is what makes them special! Continue reading Seaside Sunshine Pendant

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First Piece Sold!

For a variety of reasons I’d decided recently that as much as I enjoy making the canvases, I would focus my attentions on the smaller pieces like the greeting cards and jewelry (and whatever else I dream up). As such, it made it especially exciting when just a couple days later I had someone purchase one of the Inspired Flow Art necklaces as a gift. 🙂 Continue reading First Piece Sold!